This call for artwork that addresses the phase of human experience known as Childhood brought forth work that is multi layered in expressing this powerful time in our lives. Ranging from literal, narrative, expressive, and iconographic, the overall response is work that explores the dark secrets and sensitive emotions of childhood – fears of shadows in the room, nightmares that haunt our memories, the lost or forgotten doll, hoped-for dreams, and the all-important childhood games and friendships. While many wonderful works were presented, the final selections were those that delved deep into this unique period of life and its experience from the viewpoint of the child. May your own childhood memories be awakened as you view the works. 


Structure 68
Structure 27
Structure 10
Structure 61
Splash 30
Rampart 1
Rampart 2
Quasar 3
Melon 3
Quasar 2
Foundation 2
Blossom 2
Structure 70