Wood-fired clay sculptures by former architect Joel Brown. 

Unlike architecture, in which detailed drawings ensure the final product conforms exactly to the plan, these evocative sculptures are born of design and expert construction transformed by alchemy. Joel’s pieces are coil-built, and wood fired in anagama and noborigama kilns that are based on fifth century Japanese and Chinese designs.  “My process is both additive and subtractive.  They reference crazy quilts as much as buildings.  I hand build a simple hollow shape using clay coils, and then cut away the surface.  Rather than plotting every move beforehand, I seize opportunities as I go along, and the resulting gouges catch the ash in unpredictable ways.  In wood firing, we accept the kiln as a full partner in the final appearance of the work.”

Structure 68
Structure 27
Structure 10
Structure 61
Splash 30
Rampart 1
Rampart 2
Quasar 3
Melon 3
Quasar 2
Foundation 2
Blossom 2
Structure 70