Queen City 15 Gallery presents the second annual juried NUDE exhibition featuring the work of 40 artists from around the country. This exhibit invites viewers to contemplate “nude” as a concept and state of being by showcasing art that uses a range of visual languages and is conveyed through two- and three-dimensional media.


The following artists are featured here: Alan Appel, Richard Arnold, Christy Bencosme, Joseph Besch, Sean Bowen, Linnea Brown, Lindsay Cronk, Andrew Elsten, Donna Faranda, Harriet Forman Barrett, Sarah Gomez, Dave Hanson, Stephan Hengst, Helena Holland Breger, Mark Hopkins, Helen Hosking, Katie Hovencamp, John Kiersten, Dan McCormack, Sandra Morales, Ken Nelson, Robert Oehl, Ferris Ramirez, Dorthy Ray, Eric Stampfli, Richard Taddei, Eric Wallis

“Nude 2021” Queen City 15 Gallery Awards of Excellence


Best in Show is awarded to Joseph Besch for “Austin.” 

This award is in fact for the strength of this piece with its pendant “Quinn” for their display of technical ability combined with artistic vision. This is a wonderful fresh depiction of nudes that evokes a sense of contemplative self awareness.


Honorable Mention awards have been given by each of six founding members of Queen City 15 Gallery for their personal selection of a piece of art.


Helena Holland Breger “Buff Women Series 1”

I love the strength, guts, and humor of this painting! 

-Suprina QC15


Dorthy Ray “Boy Series 1” 

Archival pigment print photograph

They are beautiful, challenging, intimate and unexpected. 

- Lisa Winika QC15


Helen Hosking “Trust” 

I love her use of a very hard material — stoneware — she evokes tenderness and the beauty of the human form unadorned.

-Donna Blackwell QC15


Robert Oehl “Date Night (Suitors)” 

Distressed lithium palladium photograph on paper

It has such a sweet and tender vulnerability to it. I also love the way the process works to enhance those qualities. 

-Anita Fina-Kiewra QC15


Richard Arnold “Mister Underpants Jamie” 

Ink on paper

I love the forthright intimacy of this beautifully sensitive line drawing.

-William Noonan QC15


Andrew Elsten  “Brittany”

I like the harmony and the flow of the drawing. I found also the use of mylar very interesting.

-Paola Bari QC15

All artwork is for sale. 


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Linnea Brown
Linnea Brown
Linnea Brown
Ken	Nelson
Ken Nelson
Eric	Wallis
Eric Wallis
Helen Hosking
Helen Hosking
Helen Hosking
Andrew Elsten
Dave Hanson
Sean Bowen
Katie Hovencamp
Stephan Hengst
Joseph Besch
Sandra Morales
Joseph Besch
Helena Holland Breger
Richard Arnold
Eric Stampfli
Richard Taddei
Mark Hopkins
Dorthy Ray
Dorthy Ray
John Kiersten
Sarah Gomez
Alan Appel
Donna Faranda
Robert Oehl
John Kiersten
Robert Oehl
Christy Bencosme
John Kiersten
Lindsay Cronk
Harriet Forman Barrett
Dan	McCormack
Harriet Forman Barrett
Ferris Ramirez
Richard Taddei