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Current Exhibitions

From Memory 

Carl Grauer explores his childhood memories through his paintings

Paola Bari interpret's her mothers recipes through painted porcelain 

Paola's statement about her work in this show.

From Memory is a collection of works dedicated to my mother, a woman that lived 20 years ahead of her time. She did not belong to her time, she felt trapped and struggled all her life to fit in. Her mind was a beautiful thing and I will always remember her for her fierce independence, determination, geniality, generosity and her hidden romantic side.

Growing up, she taught us that the important thing is to believe in our dreams and that we should always have a dream. She taught us that real independence doesn't come because someone is a woman or a man, it comes from being able to economically sustain ourselves. “Making a living on your own gives you freedom and it gives you the capability of  being and doing what you want to be.”

Growing up on a farm, she was used to corn meal and minestrone soup every single day because that is all they had back then. So, when she got married, she knew she needed to improve her cooking. She went back to school and became the most versatile and challenging chef. And this is what this exhibit is about. My paintings reflect how I remember my mother, telling her story through her recipes.

Carl's statement about his work in this show.

From Memory, a series that plays with the tension between memories, the “return to home”, and past.  It is an idea that I explore through the renderings of narratives found in memories and dreams.  I initially began with source imagery of found slides and photos of people I find at flea markets, second hand stores or from my own family’s collection. I take the source imagery and reference specific moments that could be seen as memories that are remembered or forgotten. I aim to represent dreamlike scenes that may relay a story of  sorrow or humor that could be constructed memories or actual experienced events. The exact narrative may be forgotten or unknown, but I enjoy the play between dream, reality and story telling.