Gallery Rental

Gallery Use and Fee:

The gallery is available to be rented excluding regular gallery open hours. The gallery reserves the right to change/update open hours. In such a case, the rent schedule will be re-negotiated to make sure we can accommodate the renter. The cost of the rental depends on the projects and the duration. You can use the costs below as indicative:

  • $40.00 per hour for a single event.

  • Cost for recurring rentals may be negotiable.



Queen City 15 does not cater food. The Renter may bring food and beverages. The Renter is responsible for the event set up and any clean up. The Renter, their agents or guests must remove all equipment and materials they supplied, return the Gallery to its original condition at the end of the rental period.



The Gallery is approximately 1,200 square feet with a capacity of 50 people. Current exhibitions will be left intact for the event. Only completed applications, with signatures, will be considered for approval. QC15 reserves the right to refuse the usage of the Gallery to any individual or organization except as limited by law. Renters, their agents and all guests are not allowed into the Gallery prior to the start time of the event without prior approval from the Gallery Manager. If approved, prior entry may require an additional fee. QC15 will provide to the Renter an on-site gallery representative to oversee the set-up of the event.


The gallery should be left in its original condition. 


House Rules:


  • Nothing may be hung, nailed, or taped to the walls without the permission of a Gallery Manager.

  • All publicity for the event must be approved by a  Gallery Manager.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the gallery.

  • No glitter or confetti is allowed on the premises.

  • In the event of any damages occurring to any artwork or to the physical condition of any and all public space within Queen City 15 Gallery itself, the Renter will be held solely responsible and will be billed accordingly.



Renters are liable for any damage to artwork or physical property contained within the Gallery at the time of rental.



The User agrees to indemnify and hold the Queen City15 Gallery, its staff, members or volunteers harmless from any and all claims, actions and causes of actions relating to, and in any way connected to, the negligence of the Renter their agents or event attendees in their use of the Gallery.


If you are interested, please email with 'Rental' in the subject line.

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