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Laura Martinez-Bianco


Laura Martinez-Bianco has lived her life in the Hudson Valley and has  appreciates and values the beauty of its landscape. Her paintings are inspired by her surroundings, home or abroad.  Studying at SUNY New Paltz and working with several local artist in the region, her work has spanned a variety of medium including pastel, oils, watercolors and printmaking, while focusing on the ever changing landscape. Her work has been included in numerous Regional and National Exhibits. Laura’s landscape paintings are in private collections throughout the US as well as Europe.

"Challenges provide opportunity and growth.

My paintings are inspired by my surroundings, at home or afar. I have focused on Plein air painting, which allows me to observe and experience the landscape. I am drawn to the light, color and shapes of landscapes and I am eagerly translate these qualities to my painting surface. Each painting is a challenge to capture not only the terrain, but the light, atmosphere and feeling each view provides me.  When my audience recognizes the landscape I have painted, feels the atmosphere and space I was in, my challenge is complete."