Julia Santos Solomon

This body of work has taken years to manifest itself. As a teen I wrote in my color journal, that I wanted to create images where the figure and the background were the same. I did not know what that would look like, until I came upon the Mashups which combine sculptures I have created of the women in my family with paintings I had painted years before. 


The sculptures represent four generations of the women in my family. They represent my grandmother Gabina, mother Lucia, myself as a child and as an adult and my daughter Paloma who represents the fourth generation. I am telling our immigration story and exploring the role each played in raising us and transitioning us to a new home. The heads are painted in the colors or the geography of where each person was born, not their skin tone. In this body of work, the origin of the place is very important.


The paintings used in the Mashups span from the 1984 - 2015. I was painting tropical landscapes while I explored my roots. In the 2000s I began to paint with gold leaf and to represent the same landscape from the sky.


Bringing all this imagery together in a new way has allowed me to weave together all of work in a new medium and format, bringing to manifestation an imagery that is completely new.

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4 Year Old Girl
Caribbean Thoughts
Cross Country Runner
Caribbean Thoughts Mashup
Gabina Mashup
4 Year Old Mashup
9 Year Old Mashup
The Seer Mashup