Smell the Roses
Adwo Donsoa

Emmanuel Ofori

Hybrid Artist

"My work explores the combination of both African and American cultures through personal everyday experiences. My art tends to utilize African motifs, symbols, fabrics and patterns in combination with western imagery and ideas. I would be considered a hybrid artist since I work with multiple medium and materials to create a pictorial image. Mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture and woodworking. With my woodwork, I try to combine aesthetic ideas from both western and African cultures. For instance, the structural design of my furniture is derived from western culture while incorporating fabrics, pattern design and colors associated with western African culture. I primarily work with an inexpensive  material such as plywood for the main reason of creating beauty from the undesirable. I believe everyday items can be art, used and enjoyed. I approach my painting in a similar manner, mainly depicting family members and friends in western or African attire to illustrate the bridging of the gap between both worlds."