White Noise Series: Rules of Order
Messages in the Bark of Trees II
Mirror, Mirror Series: Untitled

Nansi Lent

Abstract and figurative painter

Nansi Lent earned her masters degree in Arts Administration from NYU and her BA in Studio Art from Boston College, and has been working as an exhibiting artist since the 1970’s. Her work has straddled photography, oil painting and mixed-media production and she has shown extensively for the last 10 years.

Her work experience includes decades of

media, event production and project management globally. She is on the board of the National Association of Women Artists and runs a small gallery in Poughkeepsie called womenswork.art.

Her work is held in several private collections across the United States.

Nansi Photo 2018.2a.jpg

"My work explores the phenomena of inner dialog and the endless overlapping thoughts that stimulate, haunt, distract and preoccupy the human mind. My approach is often childlike, spontaneously painted imagery rendered with gesture, impasto, scratching, scraping and removing paint, sometimes collaged elements and I consistently use illegible and/or asemic text and tally hatch marks, or counting. I think of counting and writing as universal urges. I explore these elements as subject matter, while approaching the painting process with freedom to free associate. My intention is an emotionally evocative poetry of visual language whose meaning belongs to the viewer."