The NUDE exhibition was held at Queen City 15 Fine Art Gallery in March and April of 2020.  NUDE encompasses many and varied depictions on the theme. The nude is a subject explored by almost all visual artists who work in a realist manner. The human body is a universal subject, being human we respond to images of other humans at a very instinctive level. This show, juried by James Cox and Mary Anna Goetz, offers a wide variety of approaches, media and perceptions. Many thanks to all the talented artists who have participated.

All artwork is for sale. 


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Ward Lamb
Victoria Beauvais
Stephan Hengst
Steven Steele Cawman
Sarah Katz
Richard Taddei
Robert Oehl
Renee Ivanoff
Richard Arnold
Mark Hopkins
Mike Caputo
Lindsey Guile
Kevin Rosenberg
Stuart Bigley
Kevin Kuhne
Joe Radoccia
Joe Radoccia
Jesse Berger
Ferris Ramirez
Dan McCormack
Dan McCormack
David Henningsen
Donna Faranda
Carl Grauer
Desmond Ambrose
Bruce Pileggi
Andres San Millan
Antonio Mastria
Bob Clyatt
Barbara Holt
William Noonan
Anita Fina Kiewra
Lisa Winika
Sean Bowen
Sandi Morales