Paola Bari

Porcelain Painter

Paola was born in Italy and crossed the Atlantic in 1996. Paola learned to love ceramics as a young girl in Italy, and traveled all over the world to learn different techniques. Paola's ceramic appeared in exhibitions at more prestigious galleries, including the Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, Byrdcliffe Barn Pottery, and James Cox Gallery, all in New York. In 2003, she cofounded RiverWinds Gallery and expanded to other local galleries. Paola has had exhibited pieces in both Europe and America. Her art  is quite whimsical, featuring stretching frogs, cats, and ornately decorated game fowl. Paola is a member of the International Porcelain Artists and Teachers. She is a certified artist with IPAT.

Paola other passion is love for animals and conservation. She is currently a trustee of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, located in Namibia, Africa. Paola has been visiting the conservation every year and she is the team leader for the Cheetah Conservation Fund New York chapter.


"Nature and earth are my daily inspirations.  I like catching a moment of life and freeze it in the dream world of the porcelain colors. I love to paint on porcelain for its suppleness, delicacy and strength.  I love the challenge of adapting my fantasy and my inspirations to the  shape of the porcelain and form at the end an harmonic unit. The smooth surface, the transparency of the porcelain has always been a fascinating feeling and a complement  to the elegance of the finished work of art."