Queen City 15 at The Crafted Kup

Queen City 15 Gallery is curating exhibition space at The Crafted Kup, a popular coffee shop on Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie, NY. This exhibition space is free for Queen City 15 Gallery members and will be considered an extension to the current membership agreement. The  space is also open to non-members with a $35.00 hanging fee.


Three artists show at a time. Each artist can show about 5 large pieces or 8 small pieces. Only flat wall hanging artwork may be shown. Artists hang their own work in the coffee shop after hours. Each show will last for two months.


Artwork must be suitable for a public display space, i.e.,  PG rated and without political inclination. The Crafted Kup reserves the right to reject any work for any reason. 

Information about the exhibit will be part of the QC15 Mailchimp distribution. The exhibit will also be advertised on QC15's web site and and social media.

Exhibiting artists may arrange a reception to be held in the coffee shop after hours. They should make arrangements with Crafted Kup to provide refreshments for a flat fee to be paid by the artists. Receptions will be advertised on QC15's web site and social media.

People interested in purchasing artwork should contact QC15 (queencity15gallery@gmail.com). We will charge commissions as follows: QC15 members pay commission as per their membership agreement. Non-members pay a 30% commission.

If you are interested in showing your work at the Crafted Kup, please contact queencity15gallery@gmail.com