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Born in New York, Suprina studied sculpture in Philadelphia but never

graduated. Her first job was with the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

where she says she learned her craft as head sculptor. Her unique

visuals stem from her years of promotional prop making. Some of her

clients were Annie Liebovitz, Apple Computer, Bloomingdales and the

Bronx Zoo. Finding that world so wasteful, she developed a love for the

found object and began her life long journey creating figurative/narrative

art. She has shown in Chelsea, Governors Island, Chicago, Scottsdale,

Southampton, Brooklyn, Harlem, Newark, Morristown and The Monmouth Museum.

"As I continue to practice my craft, my work has visually settled in-between

beauty, darkness and humor. Blending these three attributes, the word

“carnival” comes to mind. In this sense, I use carnival/theatrical visuals to

aid in communication on social, political and environmental themes. The

sensibilities of ‘carnival’ feel very approachable, its humorous side

allowing viewers to examine and probe my works without intimidation.

 I celebrate us, and our absurdity. We are beautiful, horrid, tragic, and profoundly funny."