Peach Blossoms Newburgh, NY
Morning Light Tuscany
Harlequin Eats a Strawberry Cone
The Little Kenmore Toaster

William Noonan


William paints primarily in oils and he teaches throughout the Hudson Valley. After a career in graphics and publishing at The Village Voice, William returned full-time to his first love: fine art, and to the Hudson Valley.

He has a BFA from SUNY Purchase and has since studied at the New York Academy of Art, the Woodstock School of Art, and the Art Students League of New York.

His work is exhibited locally, nationally, and through various Internet venues. He is in numerous private collections, home and abroad.

William Noonan_photo.jpg

"The more I paint the more I love paint and paintings. Paint itself is the first subject of any good painting.  It is real; it behaves in a way, both in process and product, that is unique. It is a dance between the materials and the imagination of the artist. I find that what makes my work good is what I get right; what makes it interesting is what I get wrong. I look for a balance of personal expression and technical correctness that says as much about me as it does my subject."